Exploring the Origins of Geometry Dash Meltdown

geometry dash meltdown origin


On August 13, 2013, Sweden-based indie game developer Robert Topala launched a 20-level rhythm-based platformer called Geometry Dash. Unbeknownst to him, his creation would soon become a classic with a huge community made up of millions of players worldwide. It has even topped the App Store Top Paid Apps charts. Since its inception, Geometry Dash has evolved into a franchise composed of the main game, a lite version, and three spin-offs.

Early Beginnings

As impressive as the game’s performance may look, Geometry Dash began as an open project. In one of his interviews, Robert Topala stated that it began as a cube template without a detailed plan. He also noted that the inspiration for the concept came from Grip Games’ Impossible Game.

It took Robert four months of part-time work to develop Geometry Dash before publishing it to the App Store as a paid app. The surge in the game’s popularity inspired the developer to launch a preview version of the game called Geometry Dash Lite a month later. Geometry Dash Lite comes with 13 levels and unlockable icons from the main game. It also came with a direct link for those who want to purchase the main game itself.

Geometry Dash Meltdown Game


The Emergence of Geometry Dash Series

It took him another two years to develop a new Geometry Dash title that had made its way to the gaming populace in 2015. Although the highly anticipated game was only a preview that contains three levels, the gaming community positively received Geometry Dash Meltdown.

A year later, RobTop Games launched another spinoff that features the upcoming 2.0 version update of the main game. Geometry Dash World features 10 levels in two worlds, new icons, and new achievements. In 2017, a year after Geometry Dash World was released, RobTop Games released Geometry Dash SubZero. This is the third spin-off of the original game. Subzero features two exclusive levels, boss fights, and new icons.

The evolution of Geometry Dash, from a directionless concept to one of the most popular rhythm games in the industry, is impressive. Robert Topala’s one-man show and lack of experience did not prevent him from creating the iconic series. In fact, the near-impossible levels in the game are like a mirage of the game’s development history; it looks like an impossible task, but with hard work and practice, it is doable. To that end, if you want a taste of the challenges featured in Geometry Dash Meltdown, download the game today!