GD Meltdown PC – A Comprehensive Guide & Tips

If you are looking for an extreme game that will surely activate your frustrating nerves, then you must not miss trying playing Geometry Dash Meltdown. It is another promising and exciting installment of the famous Geometry Dash published and developed by RobTop Games.

Unlike the other Geometry Dash installments, this series offers heaps of monsters and spikes more than you’ve ever thought. So, if you believe your skills are enough, then you better think twice as this installment will assuredly dash your previous performance with its more challenging levels and challenges.

Like the other series, GD Meltdown PC offers a lot of levels to play. The controls are the same, and you can jump, flip, and fly away through the caverns and dodge against the spikes as you lead your way. If it is your first time playing this game, there will always be room for first-timers – the practice mode.

gd meltdown pc

In the beginning, you will surely find this game a bit or very frustrating that might lead you struggling to contain your emotions. No need to worry though, as we are here to help you overcome or even lead this amazing arcade.

How to Play GD Meltdown PC?

Here are some of the practical tips and tricks you can use in playing GD Meltdown PC.

Keep Yourself Away From Spikes

Your goal in GD Meltdown PC is to avoid the spikes which will prevent you from moving forward. Upon taking a level in the regular mode, you will see your cube running, avoiding the spikes, and once you hit one of the spikes, the level is over. As a beginner, it is best to keep practicing, especially on how to properly react to avoid those obstacles.


Enjoy the Music & Sounds

There are instances that players prefer playing the Geometry Dash series without turning on the music and sounds as these features are seen to distract them. But, if you are just new to this game, it is best to enjoy the first phases of your game with music and sounds.

The upbeat music can help you figure out the rhythm at some point, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to move on every beat of the music, especially when you just need to execute simple jumps. This technique is more applicable on more complicated levels when you do spontaneous jumps and more.

Reach for the Coins

As you play GD Meltdown PC, you will notice that all levels offer colossal sized coins scattered around them. Whenever you have a chance to get them, get them. Hence, if the coins are too far from you, don’t go back just to get them, or else your rhythm will be affected.

Even though coins are essential in the game, it is not best to reach far away coins that will affect your rhythm. In contrast, it is more effective if you remember where these coins are located on your next try and collect them when you replay the level.

gd meltdown coins


Do Some Random Breaks

As mentioned above, playing GD Meltdown PC is quite frustrating, especially if you play the game during your rest time or while you’re tired. Don’t dedicate too much time playing this game, and it is best to take occasional breaks to allow you to think more strategically about how to pass the levels.

Taking breaks between games is recommended to freshen your mind, giving you a more precise state of mind and a healthier ability to focus on the levels. This tip is highly recommended for beginners that can’t figure out how to pass a certain level. A short break will greatly help you.

Aim For the Boosters

As you play GD Meltdown PC, you will notice some boosters that will allow your cube to fly high in the air and boost your bouncing abilities. If you want to take advantage of the game, you need to consider getting these incredible boosters.

Take Practice Mode All the Time

In playing GD Meltdown PC, you will enjoy using the redo, especially when you’re finding it hard to complete a certain level. Luckily, you can still hone your skills by playing in practice mode. You will have the opportunity to practice the same level you wish to practice in this mode.

Also, in this mode, you will get an option to set green diamonds that act as your checkpoints. By dropping these diamonds, you are marking the tricky parts of a level allowing you to remember where you start and where you stop. Additionally, playing practice mode enables you to unlock customization choices, making your every practice worth it.

So, that’s it! Are you now ready to play GD Meltdown PC? Hope this beginners’ guide and tips help you surpass the levels in this exciting yet frustrating arcade game. For more information and updates about GD Meltdown PC, check out more Knowledge Base articles here.