How to Play

Despite its challenging levels, Geometry Dash Meltdown has easy-to-play gameplay. Unlike in RPG, playing this arcade game won’t require you to remember complex controls. Therefore, it’s great for beginners or even for casual gamers.

How to Download Geometry Dash Meltdown on PC

Geometry Dash Meltdown plays just like the paid game version wherein players take control of an endless-running cube. To play this highly challenging and immersive game on PC, you need to download and install the full game. You can do that by following the step-by-step download instructions that will follow. Just make sure that you have a stable Internet connection so that the whole installation process will run smoothly.

  1. First, you need to download Geometry Dash Meltdown by clicking the “Play for Free” button on the Home page. You can also click the “Download Now” slider on the right side of the screen. Doing this process will let you download the game installer. On the other hand, it will also let you download the Game Launcher Installer. This installer will give you access to thousands of mobile games that you can play on PC for free.
  2. Once the download is complete, a pop-up message will appear on your screen. Click on “Yes” to proceed with the installation.
  3. The installation process will take less than 30 minutes. Once it’s finished, the game will automatically start. Apart from that, the game’s shortcut will also appear on your desktop, together with the Game Launcher so you can easily access it.

The good thing about is that it works well with a low-budget PC. That is why no matter what PC you’re using, there’s always a chance for you to get a better gaming experience.


Geometry Dash Meltdown Practice Mode


Setting Up the Player Controls

Once you have the game installed on your PC or laptop, you can choose how you want to play the game on your hardware. One method is by using the basic PC controller setup, which uses the W, A, S, D keys on the keyboard for character movement and the mouse as a trigger, perspective change, and clicking buttons. However, you need not worry about this control scheme in Geometry Dash Meltdown since it only requires a well-timed mouse clicking.

You can also play the game using touch controls if the PC or laptop supports this feature. If your PC or laptop supports this feature, all you need to do is go to its main settings and key in the word Tablet to enable the touch controls.


Geometry Dash Meltdown Seven Seas Level


How to Play This Arcade Game

Geometry Dash Meltdown is a game that is easy to learn but challenging to master. Anyone who knows how to click a mouse can play this game easily. Right off the bat, the game will bring you the main menu screen, where you can choose to play the game, customize your cube, or just explore the game settings.

Once you press the “Play” button located at the center of your screen, the game will take you to the stage selection screen, where you can browse the three levels in the game. Each level comes with two progress bars—normal and practice. When playing Geometry Dash Meltdown, it is important to remember that the practice mode is only accessible at an active level. Furthermore, the Practice Mode will provide you with auto checkpoints each time your cube or character dies.

Ultimately, Geometry Dash Meltdown is all about timing and reflex. Check out the game and see if you can take on the challenges in Geometry Dash Meltdown.