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Geometry Dash Meltdown: Jump & Beat Obstacles Along the Way

Sometime in 2009, video game developer Grip Digital together with publisher Fluke Duke unleashed The Impossible Game for the Xbox 360. Despite the name, the game is actually very easy to learn. All the players have to do is guide a free-running cube over the various obstacles in the game. Nevertheless, getting through all the five levels is the near-impossible feat in Geometry Dash Meltdown.

Four years later on August 13, 2013, a Sweden-based indie video game developer named Robert Topala unleashed the first installment. It would become one of the top paid apps for the iPhone in the form of Geometry Dash. In one of his interviews, Robert Topala states, “there was really no detailed plan… it simply started as a template with a cube that could crash and jump.” Getting his inspiration from The Impossible Game. Robert wanted to bring all the challenges seen in the Impossible Game all the while making it accessible to beginners.

Geometry Dash features 21 challenging levels, however, just like The Impossible Game; it came with an online Game Creation System. Which as of the moment houses over 50 million player-created levels. The popularity of Geometry Dash led to the development of three spinoffs. One of which is the 2016 Geometry Dash World then the 2017 Geometry Dash SubZero. And the game featured on this page, which is the 2015 Geometry Dash Meltdown.

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Geometry Dash Meltdown

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Geometry Dash Meltdown comes with all the fun and challenging elements of its predecessor. On top of that are the new level designs, new music tracks, character designs, and power-ups. One review of the game speculates that the integration of the word “Meltdown” into the title pertains to what players may experience after failing to overcome the challenges in the game. With that said, check out some of the gameplay mechanics along with some tips and tricks for this brilliantly challenging game below.

Improved Audio-Visual Presentation

One of the most notable changes or improvements in Geometry Dash Meltdown is the visual presentation. Compared to the original game, meltdown features high definition graphics and smoother gameplay. On top of that are the newly designed levels that come with more special effects and more obstacles. Not to mention that the icons in Geometry Dash Meltdown also look better than the first game making each runs even more fun and exciting.

New Geometry Dash Meltdown Levels

Contrary to the game’s description stating that the game has five levels, Geometry Dash Meltdown launched with three. Each of these comes with its own level of difficulty (easy, normal, hard). With that said, let us take a quick overview of the new levels.

The first and easy level is called The Seven Seas requires a minimum of 82 jumps and takes about 94 seconds to complete. The level poses as a formal introduction or preview of the challenges or the jump sequences ahead. This level also holds a couple of secret coins, as for the location of the coin are for you to discover.

Viking Arena is the next level that falls under normal difficulty. Completion of this level will require a minimum of 49 jumps and an approximate time of 81 seconds. Just like the first level, Viking Arena holds three secret coins for you to collect.

Then the last and the most challenging level is called Airborne Robots. This level requires a minimum of 112 jumps and about 96 seconds to complete. There are three secret coins hidden in this level and as to not spoil the experience, we will only provide the location of the first one. The first secret coin in this level requires a key that is located at 16%. After getting the key, you can now proceed to look for the first secret coin located at 25%. It is important to remember that collection of both items requires the player to play as the cube. The acquisition of all three keys will earn you an additional cube.

Geometry Dash Meltdown Tips & Tricks

If you are new to the Geometry Dash series, it is important to take note that the word “easy” is an understatement. Geometry Dash will test your concentration, reflex, memory, and most importantly patience. With that said, here are a few tips and tricks to consider in playing this amazing game.

Become One with the Control Scheme

One of the most important elements to consider when playing Geometry Dash Meltdown is the control scheme. Since the game only requires a single button to play, it is crucial to utilize what you think is button that is most comfortable button for you. One of the highly recommended buttons is the left mouse button.

Focus More, Hear Less

Despite it being one of the best assets in the game, it is highly recommended for new players to lower the volume down or turn it off. The fact is that the audio is part of the elements that make the game challenging. It is better to focus more on your cube. Once you get better or get used to the game, then, that would be the time turn on the audio.

Study the Levels

If you are having difficulty in progressing through a certain level, there are two options to consider. The first is that you create a level that mimics the obstacles that you think are giving you troubles and practice. Next is to memorize the placement of the obstacles and plan your jumps.

To that end, always remember to keep calm and take a break once frustration or in this case Meltdown set in.

Geometry Dash Meltdown is a worthy successor to the already popular not to mention challenging Geometry Dash. The audio-visual improvements along with the clever new levels make the game even more immersive than ever. Challenge yourself today and enjoy the full-unblocked version free of charge straight from your PC. 

Game Features

  • Improved Graphics
  • New Music Tracks and Levels
  • More Secret Coins and Collectibles
  • Free-to-Play
  • Tons of Character Icons
  • … And so much more!

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 Game Screenshot

Geometry Dash Meltdown: Jump & Beat Obstacles Along the Way